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Walter A. Netsch, FAIA: A Critical Appreciation and Sourcebook
Russell Clement, editor
Northwestern University/Northwestern University Press, 2008

Guastavino Vaulting: The Art of Structural Tile
John Ochsendorf
Princeton Architectural Press, 2011
(See index)

Landscape Architecture
City in a Garden: A History of Chicago’s Parks
Julia S. Bachrach
Center for American Places - Center Books on American Places, 2012
(See index)

Pleasure Drives and Promenades: The History of Fredrick Law Olmsted's Brooklyn Parkways
Elizabeth McDonald
Columbia College Chicago Press, 2013

Reframing the New Topographics
Greg Foster-Rice and John Rohrbach, editors
Center for American Places - Center Books on American Places, 2010
(See index)

John Henry
Ruder Finn, 2010

Sculptors at Work: Interviews About the Creative Process
Victor M. Cassidy, editor
McFarland & Company, 2011
(See index)

Metals and Plaquettes in the Ulrich Middeldorf Collection
at the Indiana University Art Museum

Arne R. Flaten
Indiana University Press, 2012

Nauman Reiterated (Electronic Mediations)
Janet Kraynak
University of Minnesota Press, 2014

A Company Man:
The Remarkable French-Atlantic Voyage of a Clerk for the Company of the Indies

A Memoir by Marc-Antoine Caillot
Erin M. Greenwald, editor
The Historic New Orleans Collection, 2013
(See index)

Livre de Mémoire, Souvenirs et Observations Remarquables
Joseph-André Vignix
[Unpublished diary in the Department of Special Collections of the Northwestern University Library. Vignix recounts events during the Siege and Commune of Paris in 1870-1871.]

John Brown’s War Against Slavery
Robert E. McGlone
Cambridge University Press, 2009
(See index)

Slavery in the Roman World
Sandra R. Joshel
Cambridge University Press, 2010 (CUP/XML WordEmbed)

The Material Life of Roman Slaves
Sandra R. Joshel and Laura Hackworth Peterson
Cambridge University Press, 2014

Africa Writes Back to Self: Metafiction, Gender, Sexuality
Evan Maina Mwangi
State University of New York Press, 2009
(See index)

Slave Trade and Culture in the Bight of Biafra: An African Society in the Atlantic World
G. Ugo Nwokeji
Cambridge University Press, 2014


Fundamental Planetary Science: Physics, Chemistry and Habitability
Jack J. Lissauer and Imke de Pater
Cambridge University Press, 2013

Criminal Genius: A Portrait of High-IQ Offenders
James C. Oleson
University of California Press, 2016

Mental Illness and Criminal Behavior
Shannon Flack, editor
Greenhaven Press, 2009


Wildness: Relations of People and Place
Gavin Van Horn and John Hausdoerffer, editors
University of Chicago Press, 2017

Mathematical Concepts
Infinity: New Research Frontiers
Michael Heller and W. Hugh Woodin
Cambridge University Press, 2011

Psychology/Mental Health
The Madness Within Us: Schizophrenia as a Neuronal Process
Robert Freedman
Oxford University Press, 2010

Democracies in Danger
Alfred Stepan, editor
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009
(See index)

Crafting State-Nations: India and Other Multinational Democracies
Alfred Stepan, Juan J. Linz, and Yogendra Yadav
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011

Multination States in Asia: Accommodation or Resistance
Jacques Bertrand and André Laliberté, editors
Cambridge University Press, 2010 (CUP/XML WordEmbed)

Terra Incognita: Annotated Bibliography of the Great Smoky Mountains
Anne Bridges and Russell Clement
University of Tennessee Press, 2013 

Jim Crow Nostalgia: Reconstructing Race in Bronzeville
Michelle R. Boyd
University of Minnesota Press, 2008

Mapping Decline: St. Louis and the Fate of the American City
Colin Gordon
University of Pennsylvania Press, 2008

Narrowing the Achievement Gap in a (Re) Segregated Urban School District:
Research. Policy and Practice

Vivian W. Ikpa and C. Kent McGuire
Information Age Publishing, 2009