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Unsolicited commentaries regarding indexing before, during, and after the indexing process.


"This is very good. Thank you for getting started so quickly. I wholeheartedly approve of your approach so far. If your indexes are as thorough as your e-mails, I can't go wrong hiring you." -- Michelle R. Boyd, author of Jim Crow: Nostalgia.


[Regarding certain editorial suggestions. Indexers serve as editors as well.] "This is spectacular!" Your comment about [these issues] is correct." -- John Ochsendorf, author of Guastavino Vaulting.

"You're invaluable as an indexer and proofer." -- Brandy Savarese, Editorial Director, Columbus College Chicago Press.

"Thanks so much, Jim. You're tearing through it and doing a superb job. We are so grateful for the speedy turnaround and all your close checking." -- Russell Clement, head of the Art Collection of the Northwestern University Library.


"Thank you so much for all of your diligence on the index to A Company Man. It was a pleasure to work with you and I will absolutely be sure to keep you in mind for future projects. It's quite difficult to find an indexer who knows the ins and outs of French capitalization and terminology, so I feel quite lucky that our standard indexer was overbooked, leading me to find you!" -- Erin Greenwald, Curator & Historian, The Historic New Orleans Collection.

"I looked up random topics in the index, and it looks wonderful. I couldn't be happier! Thanks so much for doing such a thorough job.It's better than most indexes I see." -- Michelle R. Boyd

"I cannot thank you enough for your outstanding work.You are exceptional in every way and I'm very grateful to you." -- John Ochsendorf, author of Guastavino Vaulting.

"It certainly is a GRAND INDEX!!! Much grander than I expected! Thank you for all your hard work." -- Victor Cassidy, author of Sculptors at Work.